Find voice work for indie games

Indie games are becoming more and more widespread. Now with so many tools and information available and the ability to work with anyone anywhere, it's easier than ever to create a team and make a game. This means lots more opportunities for voice over!

However, lots of these new indie game developers don't always know where to look to find their voice talent. They post on forums, ask their friends, or rely on sites like 

If you're interested in character work, and would love to get some more game credits to your name; here are some good places to start looking.

(Note: Be fully aware that indie developers have varying budgets. Know your rate ahead of time, and always be up front that you are looking for paid work. )

Audition Sites and Forums

The following are websites and forums where lots of unpaid work is posted usually. BUT! I would say at least once a week there are paying jobs to be found on all of them. The rates vary, but there are certainly some gems to be found.

Game Dev Forums

There are plenty of forums that are dedicated to game development. Indie developers share information, help solve issues, and give feedback to their fellow devs. They also welcome people wanting to share their skills and portfolios. 

Here are just a few of the forums you can join. A Google search will bring up plenty more.

TIP! Just posting your portfolio and demos is fine, but you'll find much greater success if you become a part of the community. If you're the helpful neighborhood voice over talent that can help answer questions regarding VO, you'll become a trusted voice among the developers. 


If you're not familiar with Reddit, it's a different kind of forum. There are strict rules about self promotion, and you are expected to contribute much more to the site before you can safely start sharing your demos. The following are subreddits dedicated to game development that allow you to share your website. However, each subreddit has their own set of rules. Be sure to read them carefully for a smooth experience.

There are a couple subreddits dedicated to voice work, but the jobs listed can be few and far between.


Facebook Groups

Like Reddit, Facebook groups have a tendency to want you to be a part of the community before you do any promotional posts. Join a group, comment, post interesting articles, give feedback. Promotional material should be limited. As with Reddit, each group has their own set of rules. Read them carefully.



This is a general marketing tip, but I'll include it anyways. Twitter can be a great way to make connections and build relationships with game developers. By searching for particular hashtags, you can target potential clients, follow them, and usually get a follow back. That opens the door for direct messaging where you can introduce your services more formally. There are actually some tools you can use to automate follows and DMs, but I'll leave that for another article. In the meantime, search for the following hashtags to find game developers:


Crowdfunding and Steam Greenlight

So many new games pop up on these sites every day. Some are fantastic quality work, others...not so much. Either way there is lots of opportunity to be found by finding a game you think looks promising, and emailing the developers directly. 

While I believe most people are familiar with Kickstarter by now, some might not be with Steam. Steam is a distribution platform for games that is used worldwide by gamers and developers alike. In order to get a game distributed through it, the game must go through a greenlight process. Most of the games you find in this section are not full completed games yet, and would be more likely open to an email about your voice over services. 

Click on the links, look through the games, and email the ones you're interested in.

Ending Notes

This article is geared towards finding work where most people don't usually look. I left out sites like and casting agencies since those are more well known to freelance voice artists. Hopefully you found this article useful and will be expanding your game resume in no time!