Professional Voice Actress

You have a video game, whiteboard animation, commercial or other project that requires a professional voice actress, and it needs to be awesome. Maybe you've tried some of the cheaper services out there and have been disappointed in the quality. If any of that sounds familiar, then let Tamara share her talent and experience to make your project the best it can be! Notable roles include Android 18 in the Bang Zoom! production of Dragon Ball Super, and can also be heard in commercials for Del Taco, Vionics and Lyft.

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“From the second I heard her audition I knew that Tamara was going to be an outstanding addition to our cast. As the game’s central protagonist Tamara’s work had to be exceptional and she delivered in spades. She was a delight to direct and I’m looking forward to working with her again.”

- Michael Csurics (Brightskull Entertainment Group)

"I had the opportunity to work with Tamara on a very exciting (and vocally stressful) videogame.  She was easy to direct, an enthusiastic performer, and an extremely versatile voice talent.  And she wasn't afraid of letting loose during the really strenuous parts!  I hope we get the chance to work together again soon!"

- Michael Schwalbe (What He Said VoiceOvers)


"Tamara did a wonderful job executing on a very unusual set of voice assets. There were no words; only exertions, grunts, yelling and suffering. But even with those primal noises, Tamara was still able to convey the female's brave survivalist character we had envisioned for our project all along."

- Stephen Baker (Studio Wildcard) 

"Tamara is professional, efficient, and very talented! I hired her for a self-recorded commercial project and she was open to taking direction and making changes (when my client changed the script! She nailed it on the first round.) Her recording was professional, clean, and crisp. I will be hiring Tamara again!"

- Stephanie Yuhas (Crystalline Studios)

About Me

Tamara is a full time professional voice actress with a passion for video games and animation. Even in 5th grade, she knew she wanted to "do voices for cartoons". She was heavily involved with theater in her high school days, and in college she found herself co-founding the first anime convention in Kansas; Naka-Kon.

Eventually, Tamara decided to pursue her dream of voice over. She studied at Voicetrax in San Francisco for several years, learning from the best in the industry. Including Samantha Paris, Thom Pinto, Jacquie Shriver and Crispin Freeman. 

Now, living in Orange County and nearby to Los Angeles, Tamara is providing her talent to commercials, video games, whiteboard animation, and more! You can find a list of her credits on IMDB and IGDB

Voice actor for video games, animation, explainer videos, commercials